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Устная аттестация по английскому языку в 7- 8 классах

Билеты для 7 класса

Exam topics 7 form

Give a 2-3 minute talk on Russia.

Remember to say:

  • about the geographical position of the country
  • about main cities and the capital
  •  about famous Russian people
  • about Russian traditions and holidays
  • about the Russian National Government and the official symbols of Russia
  • if you like your native city, why/why not

    My favourite place in St. Petersburg

    on - line presentation "Russia"

    Give a 2-3minute talk on the English language.

Remember to say:

  • about some facts from the history of the English language
  • why English has become the global language of the world
  • what English-speaking countries you know
  • about modern changes in the English language
  • about different ways of learning English
  • about your personal reasons to learn English

         on - line presentation "The English Language"

      Give a 2-3 minute talk on you and your world.

      Remember to say:

  • about the role of your family in your life
  • what family traditions you like and why
  • why it is good to have friends
  • about positive and negative traits of your character
  • about interests and hobbies
  • about your dreams and plans for the future

on - line presentation "Me and my world"

     Give a 2-3 minute talk on the pleasure of reading.

Remember to say:                                                                                 

  •        ·        about the role of reading in our life
  •        ·        about different types of books
  •        ·        about your reading habits
  •        ·        how you choose a book to read
  •        ·        what is your favourite book and why
  •        ·        what famous libraries you know

on - line presentation "The Pleasure of Reading"
Kinds of books

 Give a 2-3 minute talk about popular arts.

       Remember to say:

  •       ·        what arts are the most popular nowadays
  •       ·        about the role of arts in people’s lives
  •       ·        which of the two arts is more popular nowadays – theatre or cinema and why
  •       ·        what places you visited if you wanted to enjoy the arts
  •       ·        about some famous people in the arts
  •       ·        about the history of the art you like

     Give a 2-3 minute talk about popular sports and games.

       Remember to say:

  • what sports and games are the most popular nowadays
  • about the role of sports in people’s lives
  • If you prefer doing or watching sports (why)
  • About your favourite sports and sportsmen

Exam topics 8 form

Give a 2-3 minute talk about "Money Matters"

     Remember to say:

  • about the role of money in our life;
  • if a lot of money makes people happy, why/why not;
  • if you would like to be a millionaire, why/why not;
  • how a teenager gets money for his daily life;
  • which you think is more important – material or non-material values, give your reasons;
  • how people can pay for goods they buy or service they get.

он лайн презентация

Give a 2-3 minute talk about "Mass Media"

     Remember to say:

  • what is meant by the term  ‘mass media’;
  • about the role of mass media in your life;
  • about  sources of information you use to be well-informed, why;
  • which stations produce broadcasting for young people, what attracts teenagers to these stations;
  • why the Internet has become so popular;
  • why mobile telephones have become popular

он-лайн презентация

Give a 2-3 minute talk on choosing a profession

Remember to say:

  • what factors you should take into consideration:

money, job satisfaction, your traits of character;

  • if your choice of a job can be influenced by somebody;
  • what the best way to prepare for any job is;
  • if you have decided what you will be in the future.
  • why you have chosen this job;
  • advantages and disadvantages of your future job;

Give a 2-3 minute talk on travelling.

Remember to say:

  • why people travel;
  • means of transport;
  • your  favourite way of travelling and why
  • what can make your journey pleasant
  • what can spoil your journey
  • describe your last journey

Give a 2-3 minute talk on education

Remember to say:

  • British schools
  • Russian schools
  • Your school (size, pupils, lessons, facilities)
  • After-school education

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