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Семинары Хью Деллара и Тима Пирса в Санкт-Петербурге

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29 марта учителя английского языка Мазуренко В.И., Безбах Л.В. посетили методический     семинары Издательства National Geographic Learning и компании «Букбридж»  Хью Деллара «Can a Picture Tell a Thousand Words?», «Following the Patterns: Colligation and the Necessity of a Bottom-Up Approach to Grammar»,  и Тима Пирса «TED Talks – Two Birds with One Stone» в Санкт-Петербурге.

* Can a picture tell a thousand words?

«The degree to which visuals and videos can generate classroom discussion and increase student motivation is very much down to the way they are exploited. In this provocative talk, I will explore ways in which I have tried to integrate real-worldNational Geographic content and other video material into both my classes and the OUTCOMES series of coursebooks I co-author».

— Hugh Dellar

*** Following the patterns: colligation and the necessity of a bottom-up approach to grammar

«While the idea of collocation — words which often go with often words — has become commonplace in English Language Teaching, the idea of colligation — the grammatical patterns that frequently go with particular words — has yet to have much impact, despite being around for over half a century. In this talk, I’ll be suggesting that an understanding of this crucial concept will revolutionize the way you think about grammar — and lead to better teaching and learning!»

— Hugh Dellar

** TED Talks –  Two birds with one stone

«The classroom, or learning in general, can no longer be dull and boring.  Teachers are fighting for the attention of students and with attention spans shortening year on year delivering interesting, motivating and inspiring lessons is becoming ever more important, and increasingly more challenging for teachers. Drawing from TED Talks and other National Geographic Learning resources, this talk demonstrates practical ideas teachers can use to regain the focus of students, re-engage their brains and get them thinking about the wider world around them».

— Tim Pearse

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