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Урок-соревнование «Идиомы и фразовые глаголы» для 9 класса

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Школа экономики и права
2012-2013 учебный год

В 9 классе
В рамках недели английского языка
Февраль 2013

«Идиомы и фразовые глаголы»

Цель урока:

  1. Знакомство с новыми идиомами и фразовыми глаголами через нестандартную организацию работы на уроке.
  2. Совершенствование умения работы в группе.
  3. Воспитание дружелюбного отношения к партнерам по соревнованию.

В уроке-соревновании участвовали две группы 9 класса. Каждая группа была разделена на 2 команды. Т. о., в соревновании участвовали 4 команды. Для проведения урока были использованы материалы Timesaver “Phrasal verbs and idioms” Peter Dainty. Все использованные материалы приложены к уроку.

Ход урока:

  1. Приветствие и организационные моменты.
  2. Знакомство с определениями понятий «идиома» и «фразовый глагол».
“Idiom is a group of words with its own meaning different from the meanings of each separate words put together”,
Phrasal verb is a group of words that is used like a verb and consists of a verb with an adverb or preposition”).
Дети называют примеры идиом и фразовых глаголов, которые они знают ( to have a good time, to do one's best, to learn by heart, give sb a hand, get up, look for).
  1. Задание “Who’s who?”.Выполняется по командам.

Who's Who?

1. Match the sentence halves to make descriptions of the people in the picture.

  1. Write the names of the people next to them in the picture.

1 Patricia hasn't eaten since breakfast.

a) He's a cold fish.

2 Jane's just got engaged.

b) He's following in his father's footsteps.

3 Mr Johnson lives next door. He doesn't like parties.

c) She's so hungry she could eat a horse.

4 Henry is going bald.

d) He's under the weather.

5 Mark wants to be a footballer.

e) He's a bit thin on top.

6 Greg tripped over the dog and fell down the stairs.

f) The noise is driving him up the wall.

7 Karen's very rich.

g) She's rolling in it.

8 Albert's not very friendly.

h) She's over the moon.

9 Olga is terrible at dancing.

i) She's got two left feet.

10 Victoria keeps falling asleep.

j) He's been in the wars.

11 Trevor isn't very well at the moment.

k) She's been burning the candle at both ends.


По окончании работы задание проверяется, и подсчитываются очки.
  1. Задание из ‘Board Game 1”. По командам дети выбирают правильные ответы.


If a person has green fingers what are they good at?

a) knitting

b) gardening

c) cooking

Answer: gardening

What does it mean if somethingis a piece of cake?

a) it's delicious

b) it smells nice

c) it's easy

Answer: it's easy

If you're a cold fish, what are you?

a) unhealthy

b) unfriendly

c) unmarried

Answer: unfriendly

If you're over the moon, how do you feel?

a) happy

b) full of energy

c) stupid

Answer: happy

If you've got a sweet tooth,what kind of things do youlike to eat?

a) chicken and chips

b) carrots and potatoes

  1. cakes and chocolates

Answer: cakes and chocolates

If you are two-faced, what are you?

a) beautiful

b) dishonest

c) greedy

Answer: dishonest

What does it mean if you get a letter out of the blue?

a) the letter makes you sad

b) the letter was from a stranger

c) you were not expecting the letter

Answer: You were not expectingthe letter

If something is the cat's whiskers,what's it like?

a) it's awful

b) it's great

c) it's tiny

Answer: It's great

If your computer's a bit of awhite elephant, what is it like?

i a) it's useless

b) it's unusual

c) it's from a hot country

If you're off colour, how are you feeling?

a) ill

b) tired

C) bored

What does it mean if you've got a lot on your plate?

a) you're hungry

b) you're lazy

c) you're busy

Answer: You're busy


If I give you a hand, what do I do?

a) hit you

b) help you

c) marry you

Answer: I help you

What does it mean if you're all at sea?

a) you are travelling

b) you are dreaming

c) things are going badly

Answer: Things are going badly

If someone says, "Football's not my cup of teaWhat do they mean i?

a) they they don't like football

c) they like football, but they they prefer tea

b) they love football

Answer: They don't like football


Задание проверяется, и подсчитываются очки.


  1. Для закрепления встреченных идиом проводится викторина. Учитель называет идиому, дети поочередно из каждой команды вспоминают, что она значит.
T: If you are over the moon , how do you feel?

S:I feel happy.

T: If you're a cold fish, what are you?

S: I'm unfriendly.



  1. Задание “Elephant Joke”. Ученики вставляют в пропуски предлоги , чтобы получились правильные фразовые глаголы.

TheElephant Joke

Complete the phrasal verbs, using the prepositions above.


By, across, down, onto, up, out, into, back


An elephant walks 1 ................ a restaurant, sits 2 ................ at a table near the window and says to the waiter, "Good morning, could I have a cup of coffee, please?"


The waiter is amazed. "What's wrong?" the elephant asks, "You look like you've seen a ghost".

"I'm sorry. I've never heard an elephant talking before,and you speak perfect English."


"I don't know why you're surprised" the elephant says,

"I'm Indian, I grew 3 ................ in Bombay, and a lot of people speak English there. I can speak other languages too. I'm fluent in French and Japanese and I can get

4 ................ in Spanish and Danish. Anyway, can I have my coffee, now?"


''I m afraid we've run 5 ................ of coffee, Sir, but how about a nice cup of tea?"

"Tea?" says the elephant "Yes, that'll be fine.


So the waiter goes into the kitchen and tells the manager that there is an Indian elephant sitting by the window, who wants a cup of tea.


"OK," says the manager, "We'd better give him some tea, then."

The waiter goes 6 ................ to the elephant and says,

"Here's your tea, Sir, and here's your bill for £3.50."


The elephant says "Thank you," picks up the cup with his trunk, and starts drinking. But a few moments later, the elephant throws the cup and the tray 7 ................the floor and starts shouting.


The waiter is terrified, and says, "What's wrong, Sir?"

, "It's this tea," the elephant says, "you put milk in it.

Don't you know ANYTHING about elephants? We NEVER put milk in our tea!"


"I'm really sorry," the waiter says, "I didn't realise. It's just that we don't come 8 ................ many elephants in this part of the world."


"That's not surprising," the elephant says, "£3.50 for a cup of tea is much too expensive!"


Далее проверка и подсчет очков.
  1. Задание из “Board Game 1”. Дети выбирают правильный ответ. Проверка и подсчет очков.
  1. Подведение итогов урока – соревнования. Поздравление команды – победителя.
  1. Запись домашнего задания. В качестве домашнего задания детям предлагается выучить идиомы, встретившиеся на уроке, для второго этапа игры на следующей неделе.
  1. Окончание урока.

Дополнительная информация

  • Тема публикации: Урок-соревнование «Идиомы и фразовые глаголы» для 9 класса
  • Предмет: Английский язык
  • Класс: 9 класс
  • ФИО автора: Сназина Елена Евгеньевна
  • Должность: Учитель английского языка
  • Учреждение: ЧОУ «Школа экономики и права»
  • Город: Санкт-Петербург
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